Founded by Summa McCrackan in 2022, Limon was born from her love of travelling through the Amalfi Coast and the desire to bring a taste of Italian Summer to people everywhere. Her dream to create her own limoncello was inspired by the evocative sensations experienced while sipping on the zesty nectar atop rugged cliffs overlooking the Italian coast.  For anyone that knows Summa, knows her love of Italy runs deep and truly is a place she's drawn to. So with that, She saw a gap in the market for a Limoncello product that could deliver authenticity with a traditional recipe but also produce  a label that was modern and classy that people would be happy to display on their liquor cabinets, gift to their loved ones or look stylish on shelf at a restaurant. 

Summa is passionate about sourcing the best quality lemons from local producers and ensures sustainability is at the heart of everything she does. From the 100% natural ingredients, recycled packaging and ensuring that all lemons are utilised by local restaurants so nothing goes to waste. 

Made with love, LIMON is smooth and refreshing with strong citrus notes and can be enjoyed ice cold, or in a vibrant spritz or cocktail.  It's more than just a drink, it's a feeling.